Why I joined B2B CFO® Five Years Ago!

A March 4th Fox Small Business center article, “For Many Entrepreneurs, Life Begins at 50” by Rieva Lesonsky)(READ ARTICLE) reminded me of why I joined B2B CFO® 5 years ago to Provide  CFO services to South Florida businesses in Jupiter, Florida.

For the over 50 Entrepreneur Ms. Lesonsky listed 5 potential avenues :

Partner up”

“Buy a business

“Become a consultant”

“Buy a franchise”

I have considered (and/or tried in some cases) all of these avenues. So when I decided to leave my last employer, I decided to look into consulting. I had spent a good portion of my career with a consulting firm but worked internally in finance and administration.

I believed that CFO consulting in particular was a good use of my skill set developed in over 35 years in business (Yes I started young).

I then began a search for a company in that industry. Here is what I quickly learned:

1)    Not all CFO firms are equal;

2)    Not all CFO firms serve a market that best uses my skill set;

3)    Not all CFO firms have my core values of Honesty, Integrity and Objectivity:

4)    Not all CFO firms have a proven marketing and selling system; and

5)    Not all CFO firms provide the flexibility to pursue your market space aggressively.

I believed then as I know now that B2B CFO® offered these things and more! I really liked the B2B CFO® model, the no cost or obligation analysis was consistent with my prior consulting experience, long term client relationships was the same model we used in public accounting, and providing CFO services  makes huge sense for the market we serve. In particular, I enjoy the flexibility to be an entrepreneur. However, that does not mean that other types of CFO opportunities don’t present themselves from time to time as well!

Ms. Lesonsky makes a couple of other points including “assessing risk”. I felt the risk was worth the return and believed I was more than qualified to be successful in this industry. But knowing your risk tolerance is key in any entrepreneurial venture. She also mentions  “two final caveats”

1)    “Don’t think you know it all”

2)    “Make sure you are current on new ways of doing business””

With over 5,000 years of cumulative experience within B2B CFO®, I was confident I did not need to know it all and that I could contribute from time to time as well. That means our clients have access to significant amounts of experience and that there are few if any issues or problems that someone in our firm has not previously encountered and solved!

Finally, Ms. Lesonsky closes with this statement that I loved: “As the old saying goes, “Knowledge in youth is wisdom in age.”

I enjoy what I do and I enjoy the challenges presented by many different clients, providing solutions and interactions.

For more information about me joining B2B CFO®, check out my video. [Click Here]

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