Why I chose to be a part time CFO in Naples, FL.

The Naples/Ft. Myers area is a very unique business arena and has challenges that are particularly suited to my skill set. The mix of business here is about 70% service and 30% manufacturing, real estate, etc. Each market segment of business has its own demands, regulations and problems. My Southwest Florida business makeup fits me and my skills like a hand to a glove. There probably is not one company in SW Florida that would not greatly improve its success by retaining me as it’s CFO.

Running your own business is not easy. There are large and constant challenges. As a business owner, you are very good at handling most problems quickly and decisively.
But the one area this is always difficult for the CEO is finance. Am I making money? WHY IS MY CASH SO TIGHT? Why won’t the bankers lend me money? or more money?

I am here to help you solve your financial problems. The concept of a part time CFO has been around for decades but it is now gaining momentum because of the layers of regulations and financial problems that the CEO encounters every day. I love this job because it provides great value and no one else in your company can do what I do. Your CPA firm has a specific role and it is not that of CFO. Your bookkeeper, accounting manager and controller do the work but they job is not to analyze the results and solve financial problems. And I am one of the most cost effective expenses of your company. You do not need my wisdom and skills 40 hours per week. I will be less expensive than your most junior employee but will provide value greater than anyone at your firm but you, the CEO.

This is the best job in the world because the more the CEO know about me, the more confident he becomes in his own role and is able to grow his company much faster with much greater cash and profitability.

You should ask “Why did I join B2B CFO® rather than operate as an independent part time CFO?” The answer is simple. I have to do the best job I can for you, the CEO. By myself, I am very good. With B2B CFO® I am great. Not only do you get me, you get the collective skills and experience of over 200 CFO’s. Over 6,000 years of experience. You will never come up with a problem that I cannot find a great solution to.

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