Why I am a CFO in Jupiter Florida!

From time to time I am asked why I chose his area to practice as a CFO. My answer is simple, I have been in this area since 1973 and it was love at first sight!

I started my business career at the Jupiter Beach Resort in the summer of 1973. What many don’t know or remember is that the property originally opened as a Holiday Inn. Further in 1975 we were nominated as the top Inn in the Holiday Inn system of over 1,800 properties. But what does that have to do with being a CFO in this Town?

Simple; I have grown with the community. Jupiter is no longer the sleepy little town of yesteryear, but is quickly becoming the Bio Tech community of tomorrow, complete with a University, Scripps Research, and Max Planck Society. A Bio Tech Spinoff from Scripps was recently acquired for $10 million, the first significant monetization of a Scripps Florida Company, and we expect many more to follow. These companies will seek and attract venture capital and will lead to a number of additional supporting businesses. I anticipate the growth in this sector will be like the 1960s and 1970s when Pratt and Whitney aircraft engines launched this area into the aerospace industry, and the 1980’s when the Aerodyne division pushed this area into the space age for development of engines for the space shuttle.  

And these companies, like other start ups, need access to capital, assistance in managing cash flow and in short, need a CFO to help them navigate the way from start-up entrepreneurial companies to a mature businesses.

Incidentally, not only is there a great business climate in Jupiter, the weather is great too!

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