The Unofficial Organization Chart

The unofficial organization chart that we speak of at B2B CFO© is a simple pyramid.

Org chart

The finder is the business owner who continually anticipates and finds the future successes of the company.  The minders are the administration staff who typically are dealing with the accounting and administration functions, and the grinders are either providing the service or producing the product of the company.

Generally, the finders minders and grinders are in different “life time zones,” meaning the finder lives in the future, the minders live in the past as they deal with historical matters or events, and the grinders are concerned about what happens today.

We have found that when the finder can spend the majority of their time finding, good things happen to a company, which allows the business to grow and become more profitable.

Many times small and mid-market companies lack the infrastructure to allow the finder to spend the majority of their time finding, they get pulled many times unnecessarily into minding and/or grinding activities.  This is an important area that Chief Financial Officers should be focused on for the long term success and value of the business.

How a company relates to the unofficial organization chart is one of the many things we look at during a confidential and complimentary Discovery Analysis which we are happy to provide to all prospective clients.

If you know of someone who could benefit from our complimentary discovery analysis, please feel free to contact me.

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