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After too long a hiatus, I am back to writing my newsletter.  I hope you  enjoy it.

I went to the ESON (Entrepreneurial Society of Naples) meeting last night.  The speaker was one of our local business success stories.  She delivered the best keynote speech I have ever heard.  The funny thing is she is not a trained speaker, she was not paid for her speech and it is not what she does day to day.

Why was the presentation so great?  Because she is passionate.  She is committed and she gave every aspiring business owner the insight of what it takes to run your own business.  She was nervous and her voice cracked several times.  And every person in the room hung on to her every word.  I took a peek and not one was texting (when was the last time you saw that in a gathering), every eye was glued to her and the words she had for us.

The take away for me was success is not easy but is worth the effort.  You can never have too much passion and commitment.  Surprisingly, her passion and commitment was not about the product.  Rather it is for her team and for her customer.  I believe she could be just as successful  selling homes, yachts or furniture.  She wants to understand people’s needs and then fill those needs.  She had me sold.  No matter what she was selling, I was buying.

Another take away is you should be honest and transparent in your business.  You do not need to live your life in sound bites and stories you think are necessary to paint a better picture.  As a business owner, you need to be totally passionate, completely committed and  honest – and then you will be successful.

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