Take this quick test.

The average business owner gets it wrong.  Take a moment to go through this questionnaire.

How many hours a week should you work?

[    ] 30   [    ] 40    [    ] 50    [    ] 60    [    ] 60+

How many weeks of vacation should you take per year?

[    ] none    [    ] 1     [    ] 2     [    ] 3      [    ] 3+

If you are bad at something, what should you do to fix it?

[    ] get better at it     [    ] hire someone to do it

Where should all your emails go?

[    ] to you     [    ] to your assistant

Dan Sullivan is a world renowned business coach and founder of a company called Strategic Coach.  I was coached by his group for a couple of years and really took some valuable lessons away from my time with the company.  The answers he gives to the preceding questions are:

  • 30 hours per week at the most
  • At least 3 weeks of vacation per year
  • Hire someone.
  • You should never answer your phone or get your emails.

Sullivan has the authority to make these statements.  He has coached sitting presidents, world leaders and some of the top corporate CEO’s in America.   If you go to Amazon and search for his name, you can find his books.

To distill all of Sullivan’s teachings into a simple formula:  you should work on things only in your unique ability and oursource everything else.   Here is his definition of unique ability:  “First, it is a superior ability that other people notice and value; second, we love doing it and want to do it as much as possible; third, it is energizing both for us and others around us; and, fourth, we keep getting better, never running out of possibilities for further improvement.”

Your job – our job – is to constantly develop your unique ability.  If you embrace any reason that does not lead you to your unique ability (I don’t have time, it doesn’t work in my industry, I can’t hire an assistant ….and on and on) then you will not be as successful as you want to be.

And I really want you to be successful.

Have a great day.


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