Sales strategies ….. continued.

After spending so much time with Ron Willingham’s Integrity Selling, I now pay much more attention to how people sell to me.  I have a couple of quick stories for you from last week.

  1. Salesman calls me (he was a referred to me but we had never met.) and spends 8 minutes talking at me.  The only reason I know he was talking at me is he used my name 10 or 12 times.  He did not ask me any questions about why I might need him, what problems of mine he may solve.  I will never buy from him.
  2. I had an author send me an autographed book he wrote.  I sent a thank you note to him which prompted one of his sales people to call me and see if I will refer my clients to him.  I was busy but I told the salesman that I would give him 5 minutes because I really did not understand his product.  His response was all his company info is in the videos he has been emailing me so I should watch those videos then refer my clients to him.  I will never refer a client to him.
  3. A competitor of number 1, above, called me.  She asked me questions, tried to understand my business.  In fact, she spent 10 minutes asking me about my business.  Then she asked if she might email me a presentation showing how her product can help me.  I did buy from her.

If you want to be a successful salesperson – or more successful than you are, Integrity Selling is the absolute best approach.  The process integrates all the best thoughts of the most successful sales people, from Dale Carnegie to Zig Ziglar.  There is no better sales approach than this for  professionals (lawyers, insurance agents, bankers, insurance agents, etc).

The beauty of Integrity Selling is the steps are clearly defined.  And if you do everything right, the close happens almost automatically.  Here is the process right out of the book.  You do this for every single potential client you come in contact with:

  • Tune the world out and people in
  • Put customers at ease and make them feel important
  • Get them talking about themselves
  • Hold eye contact and listen to how they feel


  • Ask open ended questions to uncover needs, wants and challenges
  • Actively listen and paraphrase, then ask follow up questions and take notes.
  • Identify and gain agreement on dominant needs
  • Assure people that you want to help them enjoy the most value.


  • Repeat dominant wants, needs or challenges
  • Show and tell how your product or service will meet expressed needs
  • Link features to benefits and benefits to customer needs
  • Ask for reactions, feelings and opinions


  • Establish a relationship built on trust
  • Deliver on what you promise
  • Offer proof and evidence to emphasize value
  • Reassure people to neutralize concerns.


  • Seek out and welcome concerns and or objections
  • Acknowledge the concerns or objections
  • Clarify to get to the heart of the concerns or objections
  • Discuss possible solutions and reinforce benefits


  • Ask trial closing questions to get opinions
  • Listen for and respond to buying signals
  • Restate how your products create value
  • Ask for a commitment to action


B2B CFO® has 220 very successful CFO partners – and we are all responsible for our own sales.  We have gone through some pretty rigorous sales training with Integrity Selling.  In your mind – who are some of the least successful sales people you know?  If you said “accounting and finance people” you would be right.  But with Integrity Selling, we have been transformed  into really good sales people.

If you are serious about growing your business through personal sales, you should by the book.  You can get it here at Amazon.

Have a great day.


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