Resistance is Futile

This is the statement that the Borg (for you Star Trek fans) used and that is what I believe about
Ron Willingham’s book Integrity Selling for the 21st Century.  It is the best sales training methodology ever devised.  A best of Dale Carnegie,  Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins.

Every single one of you has sales duties in your day to day business life.  Even those of you that are not sales people have to sell.  All of us get that.

Ron Willingham, through his book Integrity Selling,  tells us exactly how each one of us needs to behave in any sales presentation.  We all know about consultative sales, put the customer first, put a smile in your voice, etc.  I have never seen as good a system on how we consultative sales people should operate.

There are three main themes to the book:

  1. It’s all about your customer.
  2. There is a very strict process to follow in all sales
  3. The close is the result of the previous steps, not your  call to action to persuade your customer to buy.

As an accounting type, I have always struggled with sales.  There is a level of courage I need to say “would you like to buy from me?”  It’s not easy.

Ron Willingham has changed all of that with Integrity Selling.  I go through my series of clearly defined steps and, if properly executed AND the customer should buy, the sale is all but guaranteed.  The book takes away the lip service so many people fall back on.  How many times have you heard a company say “we care about our customer,” “we are customer centric” and you know that is a big fat lie.  If you follow AIDINC, the six steps to Integrity Selling, you will be successful.

Here’s some anecdotal evidence  that lends credibility to my statement.  My company,  B2B CFO®, is a group of 220 finance and accounting people.  If you were asked what group of people make the world’s worst sales people, we accountants would probably be high on your list.  For us to be successful, we have to sell, we have to build our own practice.  Every one of us.  It’s all done with Integrity Selling.

I will be talking a lot more about this over the next few weeks, giving you a great deal of information.  To kick this off, here is AIDINC.  An acronym for the six steps of Integrity Selling.

A Approach The beginning of your first meeting
I Interview You talk to your customer, asking him about his needs
D Demonstrate You give information about how you have a solution to solve his problems
I Validate You validate yourself and your company
N Negotiate This is not your typical definition of negotiation.  It’s really about making sure you understand and have met your customer’s needs
C Close The natural conclusion of AIDINC


We will go into a more detailed discussion of this in the next few weeks.  And here is the link to the book at Amazon.

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