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What I do: I help business owners think through and implement a plan that will grow their business according to the owner’s goals. If there are existing obstacles in the way of growth, such as inadequate systems or inefficient processes, I help fix those first.  If there is a need for cash to fund growth, I help the owner get it. If the owner would like to position the business for an eventual transition, I help design an exit strategy to maximize its value over whatever time frame is desired. While some people refer to me as a “fractional CFO, part-time CFO or CFO services”, the B2B CFO service model focuses on the advisory benefits we bring to the owner based on our business experience, not just creating or supervising accounting reports.

The B2B CFO partnership has existed since 1987 and our trusted business advisor reputation has been earned by serving over 1,000 business owners every year for 32 years.

How I do it: I use the experience I gained from working as a partner/owner in a Big 4 accounting and advisory firm, as a divisional CFO of a Fortune 500 company and as CFO, then CEO, of a privately-held business started here in South Florida and then grown to public offering and listed on the NYSE. B2B CFO has developed proven processes and software to add reliability and efficiency to our work. B2B CFO has published several books documenting the various problems typically encountered in growing businesses and how those problems were solved. If there is a business or industry issue I personally have not encountered over the past 40 years, I consult my network of 225 other B2B CFO partners doing the same work as I do throughout the country.

Why I do it: Bringing a solution or ongoing support whenever it can help a business owner, and only to the extent the value to the owner exceeds its cost, is not only an enduring business model, but one of continuing satisfaction to both parties. There are no unrewarding days and no unsatisfied customers.

Frequently Asked Questions: Do you require a contract? Yes, but it is primarily to comply with state and tax laws for independent contractors. My service contract contains no minimum hour or fee obligation and can be terminated at any time.

How do you charge for services? Services cost can be set at a per hour rate, per day or per month, typically depending on whether it is a one-time project or a recurring advice and monitoring role.


“Michael’s services and insight are extremely valuable to small and mid-size businesses, especially if they cannot afford a full time CFO. I’ve worked with B2B CFO on several occasions. I highly recommend Michael. Mike Schunk, Employee Benefit Advisors, LLC

“Mike has an extensive financial background working in public accounting and as a Chief Financial Officer. If you own a business with more than $3 million in sales and are looking to grow and have control and knowledge of your finances, hire Mike to help you be well-planned and in control. Mike is very knowledgeable about how businesses can succeed.” Bob Weissbein, Complete Financial Inc

“Mike is a highly knowledgeable and experienced CFO and CPA. He has both hands on and executive experience with big public firms as well as smaller and mid-sized private companies. ” Glenn Wootton, International Insurance

How do interested parties take action?

If you already know of issues you would like to find solutions for, please call me at 954-579-8223 or email me at michaelsluka@b2bcfo.com. We will set up a time to meet and discuss how I can be of help.

If you are not yet sure which areas of your business could be improved for better cashflow and profitability, I am ready to visit with you and discuss the preparation of a no-cost analysis report of your business results measured against other businesses in your industry category, just please fill out the form on the right hand side of this page.

Or, if you would simply like to start by reading my tips on “How to Find Cash Inside (and Outside) Your Business” PLEASE CLICK HERE AND RECEIVE THE FREE REPORT


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