Personality Testing as a Hiring Tool

In A Fox Small Business Center article on March 4, Should Businesses Hire Based on Personality?” author Toddi Gutner looks into the use of personality profiles as a means of screening candidates for employment. (Read Article)

Her article shows both champions and naysayers of these tools. The “naysayers” look at alternatives and the “champions” sing the praises. Both make good points.

I am a big fan of profiling tools. I have used both DISC and the Predictive Index. There is also Myers Briggs that I have taken, but not actually used as a tool.

This is but one touch point in the hiring process, but an important one. Some personalities are better suited for a role than others. Sales personnel may have either a “Hunter” personality or that of a “Farmer”. The type of sales position dictates which sales personality type best suits the specific situation.

Accountants generally have a different personality yet again. That’s why they are not typically sales people!

However, stay away from inexpensive online tools. Rather invest not only in testing but the consulting and training necessary to properly administer and interpret the results.

Ms Gutner goes on to talk about why testing is effective and quotes “Scott Erker, a senior vice president of Development Dimensions International, a global human resources consultancy.”

“Erker argues that personality testing makes it more likely that a company will find a
candidate who fits the position. “These tests enhance the predictive nature of
placing people in jobs, and that’s good for the company,” he says. If employees
feel they’ve found the right job, the turnover rate is likely to go down — and
that saves companies money.”

And this in the end is what testing is all about, increasing the probability of a candidates success in the position they are hired for. But it is only one of several touch points. It is not a substitution for good interview techniques (though use of profiles may may change the questions you ask in an interview). Nor is it a substitution for other HR hiring best practices.

But personality profile testing is a valuable tool in the hiring process and can yield significant improvements in the successful hiring of candidates. Need contacts for these tools. Contact me and I will forward experts in the use of these tools.

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