Increase your sales by 50% in 2014

Sounds like I’m selling one of the new sales programs.  Get your free 50 DVD’s, watch them then you can retire!  That’s not what this is about.

Rick Ruby is a business coach and owns a company called Core Training.  He is very expensive but guarantees results. His systems work incredibly well so I thought I would share what I consider the best sales productivity tool ever invented.

He calls it his Greatness Tracker.  It is a one page document that controls a salesman’s schedule each week.  There are activities the form defines and requires you to complete.  If Rick Ruby is coaching you and you don’t complete the form then it will cost you cash.

When I owned a mortgage company, my personal sales went up by a factor of three over a six month period.  Only as a result of the Greatness Tracker.  There is a brutality to the process but it will generate the results you want.

As sales managers, we forget that sales goals are an effect, not a cause.  We set a goal for our sales staff and expect them to reach it.  But how will they get there?  Now we have a tool:  The Greatness Tracker.

While Rick Ruby dealt exclusively with Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Loan Originators, this works for all non-transactional sales people (i.e., outbound telemarketers).  Tell me this form does not apply to your product and I will show you how wrong you are.

So what is this magic tool?

  • One page form.
  • Section 1:  15 boxes.  Each one needs to be completed as the salesman has face to face sales encounters.  Each box represents a person.  Going to a breakfast with 50 people counts as one, only the person you sat next to and talked to count.
  • Section 2:  10 boxes.  5 of the 10 need to be completed as you break bread with potential customers or referral sources during the week.  Coffee, breakfast, drinks, a party all count.  While 5 is the goal, you will be a super star the weeks you complete all 10 boxes.
  • Section 3:  60 boxes.  Each one needs to be completed as the salesman makes his 60 quality sales calls for the week.  Leaving messages does not count.  Talking to the secretary does not count.  Talking to Mom does not count.  No cheating!
  • Section 4.  5 boxes.  You need to complete at least two of the 5.  Each box represents a seminar that you attended or hosted.  This can be online or in a room.  You need to stay on top of your game and this is a way to help you do it.
  • Section 5.  Hours prospected:  5 boxes, one for each day.  You complete each box with the number of hours you prospected during the week.  The goal is 15.  This is by far the hardest thing you have ever done in your life.  And this is the place you will get the greatest results.
  • Section 6.  10 boxes representing the 10 people you sent hand written thank you cards to this week.  Thanks for the meeting, thanks for the referral, thanks for being my friend.  10 cards.  Every week.

I challenge you to download the Greatness Tracker and try it out (click here to download)..  I would love to get your feedback.  I promise your sales will go through the roof if you do this for 4-6 weeks.  But it is very very hard.

Good luck!

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