As Goes the Leadership Team So Goes the Company.

LeadershipI read this in a book called Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business.    It’s a great book and a great statement.

There was a study conducted by professors Mitch Neubert and Dawn Carlson .  The premise of the study was managers (leaders) have the potential to be agents of virtue or vice within their organizations. How they acted in a situation was observed and copied by their staff.

The results of the study is there is a high correlation between a leader’s value system and the values that permeate his organization.

As business owners – the leaders of your organizations – you have a need to project values of hard work, commitment, honor and honesty.  These are all values we know help make a bad company good and a good company great.  The results of studies conducted by behaviorists like Mitch Neubert and Dawn Carlson and others, we know that your behavior will filter down to the troops.

What do you, the business owner want?

  1. You want more control of your business.
  2. You want people better trained and more committed.
  3. You want to be more profitable.
  4. You want to shove aside the growth ceiling that is hanging over you.
  5. You want more peace.

Working backwards from the goal is always a good idea.  If these five thoughts really define what you want then you have to ask “How do I get there?”  There may be many steps but they are all centered around who you are and what values you project.  Your influence over every person in your company is gigantic.  Those that squander that influence fail.  Those that understand this dynamic are really setting themselves up for success.

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