Androcles, an Aesop Fable applied to Business

(Fable Paraphrased)

A roman slave, Androcles, had escaped from his master. As he was escaping he came upon a Lion and when he started to flee the Lion, Androcles realized the Lion was not in pursuit. Soon Androcles returned to find the Lion with a thorn in his paw and in great pain. Androcles removed the thorn and bandaged the wound. The Lion licked Androcles hand like a dog.

The thankful Lion took Androcles to his cave and brought him food to eat. But both Androcles and the Lion were caught and brought to the ruler.

The Emperor brought his court to the trial where Androcles was convicted and sentenced to be fed to a Lion who had not been fed for several days. The Lion recognized his friend and licked his hands like a friendly dog. The emperor summoned Androcles and when told the story freed both the slave and the Lion!

Moral: Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.

Lee Brower, founder of empowered Wealth, says to Go BIG at the start of every day. BIG stands for Begin In Gratitude. And gratitude is becoming one of the hot topics of the day. So what are you grateful for? Are you giving credit where credit is due? Are you grateful to those that helped along the way? Perhaps you recognize a higher power? With Thanksgiving on the near horizon, focus not only the things you are thankful for, but giving gratitude to those that helped along the way! Not only is being grateful the sign of noble souls, it is also the best way to start your day. Go BIG!

For the entire original fable go to – Androcles – General Fable Collection

photo credit: P1030097 via photopin (license)

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