6 Key Components to grow your Business in 2019

When an organization become “positive in the present”, the organization system works better. “Happiness advantage”: organization “at positive” performs much better than at negative, neutral, or stressed organization. Reverse the formula: find how to make the organization more positive in the present. Becoming more positive in the present will help the organization break through to the next level of growth.

Organizations large and small must identify and solve core fundamental issues to become positive in the present. Quite often a business will have rapid growth during the first few years, then the growth stalls. Why does the growth stall? In many cases, it is not easy to pin point the issue, and as a result impossible to come up with the right diagnosis. I have found that the Entrepreneurial Operating System ® (EOS) has been an excellent tool to systematically identify root issues and solve them for good. I agree with Tsila Blomberg, Business Consultant and Coach, and president of Blomberg Consulting who said, “I am sure you did not go into business wishing to deal with crisis after crisis when you could be leading a business with a team that is in sync with you and each other, and they want to win.”

Here is a summary of the EOS Model™.

The EOS Model™ provides a visual illustration of the Six Key Components™ of any business that must be managed and strengthened to be a great business. This model applies to big and small businesses alike, in any industry.

The Six Key Components™ of Any Business:

Vision. Strengthening this component means getting everyone in the organization 100 percent on the same page with where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

People. Simply put, we can’t do it without great people. This means surrounding yourself with great people, top to bottom, because you can’t achieve a great vision without a great team.

Data. This means cutting through all the feelings, personalities, opinions and egos and boiling your organization down to a handful of objective numbers that give you an absolute pulse on where things are.

With the Vision, People, and Data Components strong, you start to create a lucid, transparent, open and honest organization where everything becomes more visible and you start to “smoke out all the issues,” which leads to…

Issues. Strengthening this component means becoming great at solving problems throughout the organization – setting them up, knocking them down and making them go away forever.

Process. This is the secret ingredient in your organization. This means “systemizing” your business by identifying and documenting the core processes that define the way to run your business. You’ll need to get everyone on the same page with what the essential procedural steps are, and then get everyone to follow them to create consistency and scalability in your organization.

Traction®. This means bringing discipline and accountability into the organization – becoming great at execution – taking the vision down to the ground and making it real.

“To the degree you focus on strengthening these Six Components as leaders and managers, everything will fall into place. That will move your business into the top 5 percent.” — Gino Wickman, Founder of EOS.

Many business owners and leadership teams encounter the same frustrations repeatedly, but don’t know how to get unstuck. How would you answer these questions?

1: Do you have a Clear Vision in writing that has been properly communicated and shared by everyone? Y/N
2: Are your systems and processes documented, understood, and followed by all? Y/N
3: Do you have a weekly performance measurement report? Y/N

If you answered no to any of the above questions, you should consider having a look at the Entrepreneurial Operating System ® (EOS).

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