5 steps to goal alignment

Year after year some companies are voted the best place to work, and it seems like the employees are really fired up and excited to be part of the company’s growth and success. This is not by accident. It generally involves a visionary leader who creates an exciting, encouraging and winning environment. Goal alignment is one of the critical ingredients required to create that winning environment.

You might have developed a Business Plan to identify and plan toward your personal and small business goals. However, you have to go a step further to align employee and business goals and ensure your team are on the same page. This will give you a pretty good shot at ensuring your overall success.

Here are five smart steps to follow to ensure employee alignment with your business goals:

1. Set your goals—and write them down. Goal-setting starts with determining what you actually want to achieve. It’s crucial to give yourself and your staff sufficient time to sort out businesses short and long-term goals. Thinking about what you want to achieve can become overwhelming so ensure you write each one down.

2. Encourage your team. There’s nothing like solid support coming from the leader to establish the company’s direction and boost employees’ self-worth in the company. Have a meeting with your team to discuss overarching business objectives, and then give them the opportunity to discuss how their personal goals can be achieved alongside them. This is where you can find out where your objectives meet, and how you can formulate strategies to mutually support each other’s efforts.

3. Ensure accountability and consistency. As you cascade your joint goals, create a process that distributes business goals to different departments capable of achieving the specified objectives. Together with the managers and leaders of these departments, agree on a set of standards and rules that correspond to what each department needs to deliver. It’s important to remind everyone that they are to be held responsible for each leg of the strategy, every action brings them closer to achieving your targeted goals.

4. Reinforce and communicate. Training and workshops ensure employees have the skills and tools needed for each step. Communicate with your employees regularly to see how they’re doing and if any problems have arisen. This can also help you pre-empt any shortcomings or flaws in the processes you’re currently executing.

5. Monitor and measure results. A check-and-balance method for monitoring and evaluating performance should be in place to ensure your guidelines for goal attainment are working. This can be in the form of productivity or performance reports, alignment meetings to track where you currently are in meeting your business and personal goals. Small business consulting services can also provide more accurate business metrics for you to measure the overall performance of your team and business.

You can’t work on everything on your own. Ensure you are aligning your goals within your business and your team. When you have the right attitude in carrying out your strategy and the patience to work with others toward a common purpose, your efforts will produce success in no time. It is also a good idea to use Business Metrics like Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), and know how your company is positioned in your industry.

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